Feature request: Add harmonics to current selection

Spectralayers’ Harmonics Selection tool is fantastic – especially its ability to automatically trace a varying “master” frequency while drawing with the mouse, and the fact that the harmonic “count” can be increased to an almost unlimited number.

However, sometimes it is easier to select the fundamental frequency with another tool such as Magic Wand, or even a combination of tools. In these cases it would be very helpful if Spectralayers could offer a tool to expand the current selection to a custom number of harmonics.

Interesting. I could certainly see such a feature being added to the Select menu.


in general being able to modify selection parameters after the fact would be very useful - adjusting frequency fade for instance

+1 for adding (or reducing) harmonics

+1. Great idea.

Could be a really useful feature for restoration of damaged audio if any good harmonic - not just the fundamental could be sampled similar to the ranking feature on selection.

Possibly with a similar harmonic ranking option such that if the fundamental is damaged or has too much other surrounding sound making selection difficult, then a cleaner harmonic further up the frequency band could be used.

+++ do it please. Great idea!

+1 from me as well