Feature Request - Add Scope to Transpose Setup to Ignore Key Ranges

Many of us orchestral template users use key-switching to control articulations. This clearly causes issues if there’s a need to transpose the track or part after it was programmed.

Could a feature at a track or part level “ignore this range when transposing” feature be added to fix this?

(To pre-empt the obvious, I’m not looking for any other solution here. I find Expression Maps in their current format to be way inferior to using a Stream Deck sending midi key-switch commands in real time, and the track per articulation approach is clunky, despite its ability to keep the notes on the grid.)

Thanks :slight_smile:


There are already 2 ways:

  • Use Expression Map
  • Use Logical Editor with a preset to transpose only Notes with Pitch Higher then…
    – Assign a Key Command to the preset.

These are just workarounds, along with the current method I use of selecting notes to transpose in the key editor.

Yes they could perform the function, but what I’m requesting is an “ignore key range” feature at track or part level. This within a large template would improve workflow massively.

Well in Expression Maps not playing Notes which are used to trigger articulations is a fundamental element of its design and one of the main reasons they even exist - so not really a workaround.

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Wrong. No, expression maps as they stand are way too clunky where you have to first play in the notes and then add the articulations as a sort of controller track. A possible alternative to this ask would be to fix Expression Maps to provide a similar functionality to note switching within a performance, but hey, we’ve been crying out for this for several releases now only to be ignored.

This request is for a simple track or part level “ignore this range when transposing” feature until there’s a workable alternative.