FEATURE REQUEST: Add Tracks to Host Button

Ok. Using ARA in Cubase, you can insert Spectralayers then do an unmix. Then you can drag and drop each layer into Cubase and have each separate track. Excellent. It would be nice to have a button that says “Add tracks to Host” which would automatically add all (or selected) tracks to the host, saving us having to drag them.

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One way I can technically see this happen, is by allowing the user to select multiple layers at once in SL (clicking the first layer, then shift+clicking the last layer), and drag and dropping that whole group to Cubase. Right now SL only allow one layer selected at a time, but this could be changed in the future.


Thanks Robin. I’m using 12 pro. It also allows only one track to be dragged at a time. (I tried shift clicking etc.)

Or at least allow us to drag multiple files out of spectralayers directly into cubase.
Going one by one is a timewaster.
also i should be able to select all those files once in cubase and remove spectralayers from the processing, instead i need to also do this one by one.

Normally i wouldn’t care and wouldn’t bother removing spectralayers on those processed/split elements, but cubase acts really buggy and slow on those files, until you remove the spectralayers process from them.

Could also take it one step further and allow some keycommands directly from cubase that would allow things like adding spectralayers and processing the unmix stems, etc etc so on with one key.

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