Feature Request: Adding Rainbow Waveform Support

The rainbow waveform feature that’s been added to WaveLab 12 uses coloration to highlight the spectral content (the most dominant frequencies) on a time domain waveform.

I think having this feature work with the available color maps (Inferno, Magma, etc) would serve as a useful supplementary addition to SpectraLayers.


There’s a reason WAVElab is titled as WAVElab and I’m sure there’s a reason SPRECTRALayers is called SPECTRALayers.

There’s probably another reason Steinberg(who owns both) want to keep it that way.

There’s several cases of overlapping features across various Steinberg products so that doesn’t diminish the request.

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Don’t see anything wrong with the request per se…

For example, this

…as an optional, additional view inside SL main display here

I’ve no relevant technical knowledge here… I’d guess, since we currently see the ‘upper’ waveform window and main spectral display area are tied to show the same (coloured) data according to the layers selected, it may be a tricky deal to allow unlinking these two, such that a new ‘Rainbow view’ be displayed there (waveform only) as an option.

The Spectral view/display would of course remain unaffected.

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