FEATURE REQUEST Adding Send No 6/7/8 to a channel or track made easier

Is it possible to add a last send in the mixer without having to load all sends just to make it visible ?
I understand there is a setting to show all or something like that but i only want it for the sends . The way it’s setup at the mo with HIDE unused sends i find really bloody irritating and changing the preference means having absolutely everything open to the max



In the MixConaole you can enable to show fixed number of slots. This will show all 16 Insert and all 8 Send slots. You cannot enable this just for the Sends.

As it has just firmed that there is no way of doing this it’s now a feature request to be able to hover over the sends going downwards in the mixer or something similar as moving the green pre/post position on the inserts .

I use all 8 sends and all 8 sends are setup with 8 FX tracks in ORDER and the only a way around this is making sure you add a track with ALL sends added , very annoying

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in an upcoming maintenance update, the fixed-slot option will be available on a per-section basis in the mixer and both inspectors. Meaning, you can e.g. show only sends in the channel-inspector with a fixed number of slots while keeping all other sections dynamic.
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Brilliant news Thank you

Excellent support :+1:

Is the fixed slot option in the inspector already available in Cubase 13.0.20 version?

Hi Songliang Yue,
the described update will be part of 13.0.30.
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Thank you.Looking forward to the next update :heart: