Feature Request: adjust Divisi playback volume

Hi all,

I’m using independent voice playback on some divisi sections. I’ve noticed that the playback volume for the divisi seems to be too high - for example, when the first note in the divisi is the same in the two parts it sounds louder than other notes prior to the divisi.

Obviously I can work around this, but I’m wondering

  • is this a known problem?
  • can I configure the divisi volume reduction anywhere (I can’t see any option in the GUI for it)?
  • is a fix planned?

Many thanks


There isn’t any divisi volume reduction, as far as I’m aware.

Ah, in that case, can I make a feature request for it?

If you’re playing back unison notes in two sections using the same patch, i.e. without using independent voice playback in Play mode, then only a single note should be played (unless your chosen virtual instrument is clever enough to play two simultaneous notes at the same pitch). You might find that using independent voice playback gives you the kind of control you’re looking for, as you can then provide separate e.g. MIDI controller data for each division.

Hi Daniel, yes, I’m using independent voice playback as in the divisi the two parts use different articulations at some points.

You’re right, I can adjust the intensity of the divisi parts - but I’m wondering if Dorico could by default reduce the volume of the divisi parts out of the box?

It’s an interesting idea. In lieu of using a sample that actually has fewer players I guess it’s something of a compromise in that direction. It’s probably not something we will implement in the near future, however.

For what it’s worth NotePerformer CAN do this.

I have a set of playing techniques for a1-a8 setup that maps to the CC it looks at.

So, for instance, the Violins have 8 players by default, so in a normal div I’ll add a hidden a4 at the start the div (or 3/3/2 if it’s div a 3, etc) and then an a8 to restore unison.

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Well, that’s a great feature request! :slight_smile:
Would be nice if we have some tool that will help us easily to reduce the volume of the Divisi, when using Virtual Instrument Libraries, which don’t provide divisi patches.
Such function should be well designed, because if we have Divisi in octaves it doesn’t affect the volume, but if the intervals are different it would then affect the volume. And we could have situation with divisi in 4 voices where two of them are in octaves and the other two in different intervals, then those in octaves will sound louder than the other two voices.
Such Divisi Volume control should work per voice, and most probably it should be assgnable to CC 7, or CC 11, depending on the library. It could a part of the Properties panel as Divisi Control?! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all,

Thanks all! Interesting news to me about Noteperformer. Unfortunately the Spitfire BBC SO core doesn’t have divisi patches.

Richard hello,
Well, yeah… There are just very few libraries that have Divisi patches
1. NotePerformer
2. East West Hollywood Strings
3. LA Scoring Strings
4. 8Dio - Adagio Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses
5. Kirk Hunter - Front Row Violins

These are all known to me libraries that have Divisi patches, or funtions.
CineStrings by CineSamples has polyphonic legato, but I’m not sure is it work in a Divisi way (reducing the section volume when intervals different than octaves appears).
Unfortunately the most decent sounding libraries Orchestral Tools - Berlin Strings and Spitfire Audio - BBC SO don’t contain nor polyphonic legato, nor Divisi patches/function.
But for sure would be better if Dorico provides an option to us to have easier control over the Divisi loudness level. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Just an addition…
VSL Dimension Strings can do divisi as well…