Feature request: Adjust lyric extender lines when rhythms change


I think I’ve picked up from other threads on the forum that there is no immediate solution to this problem, so it’s a feature request for a future update (and I understand it won’t be high on the priority list right now).

I have a song entered, with lyrics. I have changed the Notation Options for Note Grouping from “Notation of short-long-short patterns: Split at beat boundaries” to “Notate as single notes”. As a result, a number of notes that were previously written as two quavers tied together have now been changed to crotchets (as I wanted). All the lyrics for these notes still have lyric extender lines (which are no longer required), and are justified further right than they now should be. It would be brilliant if the formatting of lyrics, including their extender lines, automatically updated if the displayed rhythms changed for any reason, either as a result of changes to Note Grouping in Notation Options, or if the displayed lengths were altered using Force Durations. The underlying note lengths have remained the same, but the rules for how the lyrics should be displayed dictate that the lyric spacing, and use of extender lines, should change too.

Thanks for considering it… for the future!

I agree that this would be good, particularly when copying and pasting lyrics between different voice parts. Hopefully we’ll be able to make some progress in this area in future.