Feature request: Adjust Selection vertically in Montage with multiple Tracks or Lanes

If I remember correctly I read that there where some changes made in WaveLab 12 to the Montage, so that I now have to actually make a selection over each Track or Lane, if I want to render via Selected Audio Range (maybe other options too?) and want to include Clips on different/multiple Tracks/Lanes. Regardless the technical background, I can deal with the general idea, but I still need to remember carefully about this new circumstance.
Of course I can adjust the selected range horizontally afterwards - to change start and end time. But what I am sometimes missing now is the option to adjust the selection vertically - so to basically include more or less Tracks/Lanes than I originally selected - mostly because I selected not enough Tracks/Lanes for rendering while working in a complex Montage.
Would this be possible to implement, @PG1?

This is already possible: point the mouse where you want to drag vertically, while pressing Alternate, then drag.


Ahhhh! I see.
Although it works for me without a modifier key, I have never considered to actually move the mouse cursor on the top/bottom edges of the selection (nor did I ever notice), I was just trying to use the left/right edges, just like when you create the selection in the first place.
If I think about it now, it does make sense. :slight_smile:

Thanks PG!

You are right, no modifier key needed :slightly_smiling_face:

Since I only do this every few weeks, I still struggle with this new change and it’s a 50/50 chance that what I would like to render gets rendered.

I miss the old behavior…