Feature Request: Align Midi Events

Can the following feature be added to Cubase 11? In the Key Editor add the following buttons at the top
[Add Marker] [Remove Selected Markers] [Move Selected Midi Events to the previous marker] [Move Selected Midi Events to the next marker]

While the track is the playing you click [Add Marker] and a vertical line appears at the point where you click the button. You then select the Midi events you want to move and click [Move Selected Midi Events to the previous marker]. Voila! All of the selected Midi events move to the marker.

This could be helpful with projects not using a metronome.

These functions kind of already exist…
You just open the global tracks and you can add, delete, move markers wherever you want. If the track is playing and you want a marker to be added you just hit the insert key (also works in midi editor). If you wanna move selected midi to a marker just click on it (cursor jumps there) and hit cmd+l: all your selected notes move there!
Isn’t that what you want?