Feature request: all-purpose text entry

I love Dorico’s popovers, and I wish there was a way to combine all popovers into one singular popver. What I envision is a text entry tool that allows me to type for example:

sul tasto, molto vib,
pp, dolce”

And dorico would automatically sort the texts into the rights fonts, place them in their correct position (above/below the stave), place the correct symbol for upbow and the tremolo slashes - all with a single entry from the user.


Welcome to the forum, SamiSeif. We’ve certainly considered this: it would be a challenge to make sure that we could always parse the input unambiguously in all cases, but it’s certainly something we might consider in future.

Thanks Daniel! I hope to see something like this in the future. Even just the ability to specify things like bowing direction along with a playing technique could potentially save lots of time.