Feature Request - Allow "No Output" when creating an Audio Track

I really like the new routing and track/inspector layout of Nuendo 13, including the New Track dialog however I would like to be able to select “No Output” when creating an audio track since all I do is record on one computer and create stems to mix on another.

If it is possible, it would be great since it would add to the flexibility of the New Track dialog and give users a new option that does not need to be second guessed when returning to the project page.

Create a track routed to no output. Label it “no output trk”.

Duplicate it a bunch of times…or one.

There you are.


That might be a good for new projects, but it isn’t really any kind of workaround.

SB simply need to keep improving on what they are already doing. It’s been a while since the New Track dialog was created and now in V13, there are some improvements so having “No Output” as an option when creating new tracks, will only enhance what is already a good feature.