Feature request: Allow use of vertical lines between different players

The attached image is from a Sibelius file I made to teach quarter note triplets.

I wanted to re-create it in Dorico. MusicXML imported the notes and counts, but not the lines.

In Sibelius, the vertical lines are easy to add.

In Dorico in requires a fiddly work around (unless I’m missing something), because Dorico forbids vertical lines between players.

Please make it possible to add vertical lines between players.

The work around was to add horizontal lines to one of the players and drag them into place. (Alternatively, could I create a custom 3-staff player?)



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What about a single Percussion Kit with three 5-line instruments (e.g. Xylophones) in it?
Vertical lines in Sibelius still attach to ONE instrument, cross-staff lines is a pain everywhere; here you add vertical lines to one player and adjust their length and position in Engrave mode.

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