Feature Request: Alt+Scrollwheel

Team Dorico,

May I please request the following relatively simple feature be added to future releases of Dorico:

At present, regardless of whether in Write Mode or Engrave Mode, shift+scrollwheel and ctrl/cmd+scrollwheel navigate left/right and in/out on any given part.

The only way, however, to change the viewed part, unless I am mistaken, is to click on the part drop-down menu at the top-left of the screen and select another part, as shown in the attached graphic. I find this tedious when I need to make rapid comparrisons between parts (2nd and 3rd cornets for example). These comparisons are primarily engraving related (not note related which can obviously be done using the score).

Would it be possible to have Alt+Scrollwheel switch up and down between parts in the order they are listed in the parts drop-down menu?

Thank you for your consideration.


One can, of course, create tabs for the two parts to make it easier to switch quickly for comparison.

Doesn’t Shift-Alt/Opt-] go to next layout, and the same with [ go to previous?

Even if that’s not a default shortcut, you can set your own from Preferences > Key Commands.

And yes, separate tabs or separate windows are possible. It’s even possible to have two tabs with a vertical or horizontal split within the same window.

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Thank you Derrek and Leo for your replies.

Page tabs would work just as well. I have been clicking away like mad trying to work out how to do this to no avail. How do I open multiple instances of a part please? Please forgive the ignorance of an old man.

Leo, what is “Opt-”?

Sorry, I just worked out how to open multiple instuments (create page tabs). The button was right under my nose next to the parts drop-down menu.

Opt is the Mac equivalent of ALT on a PC.

Thank you Leo, that works perfectly!
on a PC does the trick :+1:

Will remember this for the duration of today and hopefully not forget by tomorrow :grinning:


Another, although unrelated, useful shortcut is W, which when having something selected in the score jumps to the same spot on the appropriate part layout and vice versa.

Thanks :+1:

Just to draw a line under this, I’ve been successfully using shift+alt+] or shift+alt+[ all afternoon while happily chipping away at my latest arrangement. While this works it would definitely be nice if the Dorico geniuses could substitute the “[” or “]” keys for the up or down rotation of the scroll wheel on the mouse. This would mean I don’t have to take my right hand off the mouse and have to look down at the keyboard to find the “[” or “]” keys. Like most, I can find the shift, ctrl and alt keys on a PC keyboard by feel, but finding those square brackety things by feel still alludes me.

Shift+alt+scrollwheel would really be appreciated in later versions of Dorico.

Presumably you could create an your own shortcuts in Preferences > Key Commands.


Using keys, yes. Using the scrollwheel on the mouse, no. Unless I am missing something I can see no way to encode the movement of the mouse scroll wheel into a shortcut. And I did try. The relevant shortcuts are titled “Next Layout” and “Previous layout”. The default shortcut keys are as described by Leo earlier.

Normal behavior for adding modifiers to a scroll wheel are either to change the speed of scrolling or to control zoom. I pray this standard is not deviated from. I rely upon it extensively.

On many modern mouses you have also some extra side-buttons that you can assign to keys/shortcuts (and assign them in Dorico key Commands). Maybe an alternative?