Feature Request: Alternatives to current score

I’m a Logic user and in any Logic Project I have the ability to save multiple “Alternatives” to the current mix. It’s super useful and keeps me from having to open and close many “Saved As” versions, as well as using the same assets without any issues.
I think Dorico would really benefit from having something like that. For instance: maybe I want to remove the piano left hand (when it’s just doubling the bass part) in order to save space on the printed page and not have to print out so many pages for the piano player, but I want to save that more robust version as well. Right now I have to ‘save as’ a separate document, but if I could just switch between Alternatives… or perhapsI want a quintet AND Nonet version of the same chart… you could even call them ‘arrangements’ instead of “alternatives.”
You get the idea.


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In this instance, you can use manual staff visibility to hide the piano lower staff just in the score but show it in the piano part, for example.

You can also use as many layouts as you like to show the same musical content in different ways and in different combinations. One workflow possibility is to have multiple flows in the same project, with each flow being a slightly different version of the same piece (e.g. using a different set of players, or in a different key, etc etc)

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I think Lillie is right. I would definitely go with different layouts to experiment with orchestration or different set of players.