Feature request: Apply regions to multiple staves at once

There are lots of situations where it would be a time saver to be able to apply Slash Regions, Bar Repeat Regions, and Chord Symbol regions to multiple staves at once, instead of only an individual staff. Sure, I can apply it once then Alt click, but it still would be faster to drag select a bunch of staves and apply all at once. Thanks for considering!

That would be great also with playing techniques, in the same way as with dynamics! I know it’s already possible by extending the caret, but that doesn’t work in every situation

… and also with Ornaments, or at least some consistency with ornaments. Jazz articulations can be applied across multiple staves, but Glissandi cannot.

…and also lyrics. Imagine expanding the caret to do lyrics just like note input. Yes please!

That would be pretty cool to see!

If you set shortcuts for “Duplicate to staff Above/Below”, you can add lyrics, PTs, dynamics, ornaments, Rhythm Slashes, etc. to other staves VERY quickly.