FEATURE REQUEST: ASCII codes in property panels textboxes

Hello Team,

i am on windows, maybe it’s different for the Mac folks.

Would be great to be able to use ASCII code in the properties panel.
I regulary need special glyphs (long hyphen, copyright signs etc.) which i know the ASCII number code of and need to enter them in either text boxes in the properties panel or when giving Flow titles in Setup mode. But as soon as i press the combination ALT+0… the focus disappears.

I know i can enter it somewhere else and copy it it the text field, but, you know it’s a workaround :wink:

Hope this will be possible soon.

Properties panel - fine, I agree with you - focus is lost on Alt+0

Setup mode - already works fine here, in 2.2, on Windows 10. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I have numlock on or off.

Me too…

I am extremely used to using those nice ASCII codes and would really be happy to use them also with and inside Dorico.

If you edit the keycommands_en.json (or whatever two-letter language code is appropriate for your keyboard language) file from %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 (Mac) in a text editor, you can add these lines to the kGlobal section:

						"UI.SetFocus?Value=kScoreView": [ "DELETE:Alt+0" ]

That will disable the behaviour of setting the focus back to the score view when you type Alt+0.

Wow, this works just fine.
Hope you will implent it in the next update or was there any use for the prior behaviour?

Alt+0 is very useful because it puts the focus into the score view, so if you find that a key command doesn’t work on the music as expected you can type Alt+0 to force the focus to go back to the score view. We have no plans to change or remove this shortcut by default.

I’d recommend one of the many utilities that let you browse a font’s characters and then copy a given symbol to the pasteboard, rather than having to memorize Unicode numbers.