Feature Request: Assignable Key in VariAudio to switch modes

When using VariAudio, it would be useful to have a key that let’s you quickly switch back and forth between “Pitch and Warp” and “Segments”, so that you can stay in “Pitch and Warp” mode and then hit the key and slice it into the parts you want without having to go back and forth using the mouse. This would be similar to how in the arrange window you can hold option to, for example, use the scissor tool.

Tab will do this for ya. :smiley:

Yes, but have you tried this Kev…? cinemetree has a deeper point… in a word, workflow.

You’ll soon see how VA currently is not great. You have to highlight the item label with the mouse first in the inspector, before you can use the Tab key to switch modes. Boring. And tedious. And quickly becomes a pain (especially on a biggish screen).

So, PLEASE Steinberg look into this - maybe more mouse tools (right-click) like in Melodyne. Had the pleasure of working with this at a friends studio recently - boy, did I get quick, very quickly.! And, great results - quickly. Everything right at hand, exactly at the position you are physically working on screen… Nice and efficient.

Seriously, I might just have to invest in it (Assistant version…?) for my machine/work. VariAudio is good because of the integration, but just gets really tiresome in its workflow - when you’ve seen the light that is… :slight_smile: