Feature request: audio export showing peaks / overloads

Apologies if the wrong place…

I think I’ve had a good idea for a new feature that could save a a lot of time: an option to automatically look for peak overloads on the master channel. This could work by exporting the whole mix, then marking the waveform of the export with a vertical red line whenever a peak level (user definable) is surpassed. This would make it easy to quickly find problem timestamps in a mix. What do you think? I’ll swap you the idea for a Cubase hoodie. Large please. Thanks!

Yeah, that could be one way to do it. Oooor… you leave more dB headroom in your mix as one should - the loudness wars are over. And if you have to max things out, use a brickwall limiter on the master channel. Which will make sure that there won’t be clipping, if set up correctly.

Yes, all true.

Alright then, what about if it could be tuned to particular frequencies, to show on a waveform, say, buildup of low mids…
What if the entire waveform could be coloured from ‘hot’ to ‘cold’ so you could see if, say, the high frequencies were more or less steady throughout a track?

If not worth a hoodie, maybe a mug?

hmmm really useless
32bit floating point exports would not clip…

and btw there is a function available already that looks for peaks on the master bus
it’s called peak meter… and even the loudness meter has a peak detection

Everything you could wish for in terms of analyzing your track was added with the new SuperVision plugin. :wink:
And since we are talking audio here, one should HEAR problems first. The best tool to analyze and find problems with the track should be your ears and your brain. To assist you with that, you should invest in as good a monitor and / or headphone setup as you can. If you then learn to use visual helpers like the loudness meter and all the goodies within the SuperVision plugin, you’ll be doing great.

You mean Spectral Layers?