Feature Request: Audio Montage Horizontal Zoom...

In the Audio Montage section, when I’m creating a CD, I often have many files I know I want to add to the montage. Currently (as far as I can tell) the maximum zoom out on the horizontal zoom is for the included clips plus a little more. This means I have to rezoom after adding each clip. (These clips often come from different folders so can’t be added all at once.)

It would be great if one could zoom out to see a whole CDs worth of empty space (an hour or more) so I could drag and drop all of the clips (one at a time) without using the zoom in between each. I believe this was possible in earlier versions of WL.

Great program, PG. Thanks for listening.

F.Y.I. I haven’t updated my profile in a while. I am running WL 7.2.1

In such a situation, I usually set a marker at the end of the last clip and then manually change its time to 60:00 or 74:00 or so. But I agree zooming out further should be possible without such a trick. Can’t remember this being different in previous versions though…

Luck, Arjan