Feature request: auto-complete in popovers

Someday, I would love to see Dorico gain auto-complete functionality in popovers. This would enable three potentially huge time-savers:

  1. Auto-completing long “shortcuts” like “fermata”

  2. Auto-completing elements already in use in the project, such as time signatures

  3. Text-based markings, such as tempo indications

Auto-complete could also find its way into other areas:

  1. Instrument selection for players
  2. Fonts, a la Adobe InDesign
  3. Selection of text styles

Respectfully submitted,

We don’t need auto-complete for instruments as the picker already automatically picks instruments based on the characters you type. We also don’t need it for fonts, as the menu selects the appropriate font based on the letters you type.

But we have always planned to implement this for popovers, so it will definitely be done at some point in the future.

Daniel, would it be possible to integrate the graphical index you’ve already created for “Used in This Flow” to popovers?

All things are possible (more or less), given sufficient time, money and motivation, but I’m not sure I think this is a great idea.