Feature request: Auto-Heal

One of the things that voice-over people have to deal with while editing their work is the cleaning up of extraneous noises that accompany speech, such as mouth clicks (made by saliva) and sinus pops. Even when those noises appear within words, users of Adobe Audition are able to very quickly get rid of them – without affecting anything else (the way filters and plugins can) – using the Auto-Heal function.

Usable for selections of no more than four seconds in length, auto-heal evaluates the samples immediately prior to and following a selection, and then makes the selection like those other areas, thereby “healing” it. It would be like using a pencil tool to re-draw the waveform by hand, but this function does it very quickly and far more accurately.

Here’s a short demo showing the repair of a mouth click within the word “one.” If you pause the video immediately after the repair, the status bar at the bottom-left of the video window reflects the action taken. The repair is also added to the History window just above.

Auto-Heal can also be used with the Spectral display to spot-heal frequency ranges.

I hope a feature like this can also be considered for WaveLab.

You can already do that with WaveLab and the InPainting function, in 2 different contexts: