Feature Request: Auto Play Option on Spectrogram Edit


With the Correction tab, there is an option for auto play on edit … that is, once an edit is performed, WL auto plays from a second or so before and including the edit for review.

I would request the same option for the Spectrogram tab.

If it is already there and I have missed, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you

This is not auto-play, but simply pressing F6 will do the job.

Thanks PG … if you are making a lot of edits though, an auto play save a lot of key strokes.

All the best

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Hi again

In fact, F6 only seems to play the edited section. The Correction Tab Auto Play option plays from a point that precedes the edit … placing the edit in context.

You can of course touch the timeline with the mouse point to select a ‘play from’ position.

But, unless I am missing something, all this adds at least double the mouse clicks/key strokes compared to the Correction Auto Play.

I’ll leave this with you for consideration.

All the best

Since the selection is what is being modified, isn’t it what you are looking for?

Not really … the Auto Play in the Correction tab provides a pre-roll that gives you context to determine if the edit is correct.

An example in the Spectrogram would be attenuation of a sibilant. Review without context/pre roll makes it difficult to judge if that was enough or too much.

I hope that makes sense.

F6 works also with Pre-Roll/Post-Roll if you activate them :slightly_smiling_face:
And these durations are customizable.
This being said, I am considering your request.


Thank you!