Feature Request: Auto-Save only when crashing

current Cubase auto-save is a little annoying because when it auto-saves cubase stops responding for few seconds.
In Logic the project auto-saves only when that application crashes.
Please make this feature in cubase.


Cubase doesn’t expect any crash, so it’s impossible to write a program code for something like “before you crash, auto-save, please”.

The crash is always result of any unexpected circumstances. One of them could be, the project becomes corrupted. It’s not smart to save the corrupted project.

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Yea that’s totally understandable, but apple made it work somehow with Logic

Maybe I’ve written gibberish, but here’s what I think.

1. Creating a History Server (independent of Cubase).
Since the history is already “saved” in RAM, I would suggest creating a History Server, where all the actions of the user would be stored, independent of Cubase. This way, after Cubase crashed, the history steps would be written to a file (i’m referring only to the steps that were stored in RAM in the time between the last user save and the crash).

2. Adding a new menu item (in “File/Import/”) to import the “before crash” history file.
After the user has imported the “before crash” history file he/she would just have to go to “Edit/History…” and redo the steps (minus the last one that might cause Cubase to crash again, or not).

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