feature request. auto select "export button" after file name

Title says it, and it’s been like this before.

As it is now - when you choose export audio the audio export windown opens with the file name text input field preselected - GREAT!!! DON’T CHANGE THIS!!!

However - earlier on you could enter the file name, hit ENTER and then the EXPORT button was auto selected - you’s hit enter again and the export would start. In that way you could start your export very quickly and WITHOUT MOUSE CLICKS.

Now you have to enter file name, hit enter, select the export button with the mouse and click. Trust me - when you work with post production with many files this is quite annoying and could easily be fixed to a better workflow.

Yes. +1. I noticed this too after upgrading.

+1 and please store meta-data tags for MP3s etc with the arrangement.

+1. It’s these sorts of small things that help make for an overall improved user experience. :smiley:


There are several areas of the program like this—that -used- to have what is called, in Windows, a Default Button action.

I’ve complained for 11 years now… Cubase needs a Default button -and- key Accelerators for every button in every window… just like the Windows spec requires.

Drives me -nuts- having to switch between keyboard and mouse every 5 seconds. Total flow killer.

At the risk of sounding snarky, I think the people who don’t get this aren’t getting much music done.

But any DAW interface is -much- slower than your brain can -think- up a musical idea and though each of these interruptions is -teensy-, it’s like the difference between typing on a laptop vs a -real- keyboard. After a while, I literally start losing my train of thought… or making mistakes… or giving up in frustration. But if you can just keep typing and typing? You get like -3- times as much done.

Just to point out…

You can assigne “Audio Export → Perfrom Audio Export” to a key so you don’t have to click on the export button with the mouse.

Here is a gif that shows quick exports.


Ah - thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try that.

I still think the default highlight “export” button after text input is even more smooth;)

You can tab to the button too. I forget how many tabs you have to press, but eventually it gets to the button and you can press enter to initiate the export.

Actually not anymore. When you have entered a file name the export window looses focus and tapping takes place in the arrangement window in stead. :mrgreen:

I’d love to have a proper check box for “use project name” which now resides under a drop down menu at the right.
I’m kinda sick and tired of clicking twice every time I export a test mix, which I happen to do a lot.

It would be such a relief to have some kind of presets for exports assigned to Key Commands.
preset #1 - mp3 / all tracks / project name / bitrate
preset #1 - wav / all tracks / project name + mix / import back
preset #2 - wav / selected track(s)/ (first)track name mix / import back
preset # … n
Only when you needed something unusual you actually needed to USE the Export dialog.
I love how you can select ANY marker by hitting a KC and get a little promt in the middle of the screen.
That’s perfect for export presets as well.

I guess most people have a few VERY similar setups they use a lot.
If everyone could have a few presets exporting could be totally second nature.