Feature Request: Autobanking SSL UF8/UF1

Currently the SSL UF8/UF1 cannot do autobanking. He basically always stays within his bank 1-8 and doesn’t jump to bank 17-24 when selecting track 23.

However, we can send bank up and bank down commands to the SSL controller via the computer keyboard, which allows a convenient bank change.
If we can do that with the help of MIDI Translator Pro - and even manage a direct selection of a bank with an Elgato Streamdeck, then Steinberg could implement that too.
By sending a Note On and Note Off command.

Please Steinberg - that’s certainly what many people want.
Or you offer your own controller in this price segment.

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Hey, would you be able to expand a bit on how you set that up? I have a UF1 and 2 Stream Decks. I’d love to see how well this would work for me.

I paid a programmer 200$ to create a script for me using “MIDI Translator Pro” so that I could change the bank using the function keys [F15] and [F16] on my computer keyboard.

To switch to banks 41 - 48, you basically have to press the [15] (bank down) button about 15 times to be guaranteed to end up at banks 1 - 8.
Then you have to press the [F16] key 5 times to land on 41 - 48.
I programmed the key sequences e.g. 15 x [F15 down] and 5 x [F16 up] in Macro Toolworks and assigned them to hotkeys.

Using the Elgato Streamdeck, I send the hotkeys to Macro Toolworks, which in turn sends the corresponding [F15 down] and [F16 up].

Ultimately I’m not happy with it.
But what works great is the control via PC keyboard.

To change the bank, a note on command is ultimately sent.
In fact, the bank down/up button also sends an audible note on a MIDI instrument.

The notes for bank up and down are 0x2F / 0x2E.
It then becomes very complicated to integrate the virtual MIDI connections between the keyboard and Nuendo.

What I want to say is that it would be very possible for Steinberg to program this.
When changing from channel 37 to 49, for example, simply send “bank down” 4 times - and then “bank up” 6 times.
The thing with Elgato and Macro Toolworks shows that it works. However, this emergency solution is very impractical.

If i’m not mistake, the UF8 relies on MCU (Mackie Control) protocol so it should be compatible with any MCU compatible MIDI Remote script that you can find on the forum.
You may try this one for example:

Currently MIDI Remote is always auto-banking when selecting a track that is not part of the current bank. I for myself would like to have an option to disable it.



The old fader port from Presonus and an Aura drum controller can easily do autobanking with MCU in Nuendo.
So I’m seriously wondering if the problem isn’t caused by incompetent SSL programmers who have overlooked something.

If you press the bank buttons on the UF8 / UF1, the device plays a note on the keyboard if you are currently on a MIDI track. This is disturbing and not normal.
The buttons on the controller send all notes to MIDI Tracks.

This is normal behavior. MCU sends MIDI notes on button presses. These are then interpreted by your DAW to select / mute …

To avoid triggering instruments, you have to uncheck the box “to all midi inputs” in studio/midi setup.


Oh - thanks for the tip.