Feature Request: Automatically Show Harp Pedalings for Glissandi

My understanding is that, while harp pedalings are generally hidden in scores, they should appear at glissandi.

It would be a great addition if one could invoke the hide all pedalings in the score layout setting but also be able to unhide individual ones. (Bonus points for contextual awareness of gliss. and automatically showing the pedaling!)


I also would like to see the option to show harp pedal diagrams only for glissandi in the score (and even only for glissandi in the Harp parts in cases where the harpist prefers not to have other diagrams included).

Could something along the lines of the chord symbol regions be possible for harp pedal diagrams?
(I do note that one can hide harp diagrams one-by one and realize that means one could combine Select-More to hide all and then reinstate those for glissandi.)

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