Feature Request - AutoSplit additions

Hey there,

I often have to split long chapters of audiobooks into shorter parts. At the moment I am doing this with the auto split feature.
For this, I create markers using autosplit, edit the markers and in a second step, auto-split the files at the markers and automatically create folders with shorter parts of the original files.
It works quite well, but can be optimized:

  1. Split at silences – This function always splits the beginning and the end of a silence.
    There should be two more options:
  • Split only before silence and
  • Split only after silence.

That way, there would be only one split, but not two splits like it is now.

  1. Most important: Nudge markers in the audioeditor. I know, that you can nudge markers in the audiomontage, but
    I did not find any reason, why this is not possible in the audioeditor.


Yes, both your suggestions make sense and have been noted.