Feature Request: Batch Audio File Comparator

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Feature Request: Batch Audio File Comparator

  • I would like to be able to link files for comparison in a list and run a batch comparator.
  • At a minimum, I would like to compare pairs of files.
  • Even better, it would be nice to run 3- and 4-way comparisons, generating delta files for each, from a matrix list of files.

Submitting for inclusion in WaveLab 10.

Noted. What is your work domain that needs so many comparisons?

Thanks, Philippe.

Domain = a variety of production environments, some corporate and some studio/agency. On certain projects, there is a quality control requirement where the team has to produce, and formally sign off on, changes within certain tolerances, and document the changes thoroughly and with precision. WaveLab’s audio file comparator (with its reports and delta file generator) allows us to achieve such project requirements, but it’s currently a very manual process if many pairs of files, or even groups of files, must be compared to one another.

Since the excellent comparator tool you’ve written currently exists, I’m hoping that an extension of it as described would be a fairly straightforward and non-difficult feature to implement.