Feature request: Batch export MIDI events to MIDI files

The Cubase’s audio batch export feature is one of the most fantastic tools of any DAW.

However, for MIDI export, even with the help of macros, it can take hours to export manually when dealing with hundreds of MIDI events.

Can you please create a batch MIDI export feature for exporting MIDI events into MIDI files using cycle markers?

Thank you.

Yes, I’ll second that. This would be a huge timesaver. Have to deal with 10ds midifiles and exporting them one by one takes so much time.


I created a solution in leu of a missing Cubase feature.

Watch this short video:

I am using Pulover’s Macro Creator to make a macro that runs several actions I would normally manually do to export MIDI files. I can export hundreds of files in minutes using this.

To get you started, I am including my Macro project with each action properly commented, so you know what is what.

Export MIDI files.zip (725 Bytes)

You will still need to make some adjustments and ensure your MIDI events are named how you want the exported MIDI files to be named.
Use Cubase’s Project Logical Editor to name each MIDI event uniquely.

The Pulover’s Macro will click on each event, copy its name, and use it to paste it into the “save MIDI file” export dialog. It will also initiate MIDI export action.
You’ll also need to set up a Cubase macro to set the export markers for the current MIDI event, then move to the next one and export a MIDI file. Keep in mind that a Cubase macro can not be a combination of keys like “ctrl+1.” It needs to be a single key, like Num 1, to work with Pulover’s Macro.

Make sure to watch a couple of “how to” videos from Pulover to get an idea of how to use this. You only need to understand some basics and get your template straight, then rinse and repeat.

This has done magic for my workflow as I have efficiently exported thousands of MIDI files quickly.

Good luck!

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Are you talking about MIDI events or parts ? Terminology matters…

Beside this, and maybe I missed something, but I can export any existing MIDI data on several MIDI/Instrument tracks in the relevent range, using these export options :


I get, in a new project, the corresponding MIDI tracks with their contents in the previously defined locators range. The only issue is that different MIDI parts existing on the same track are glued together, but beside this…

I am talking about MIDI events. You are pointing to options for exporting a single MIDI file. It does nothing to export a series of MIDI events into individual MIDI files in a batch.

When you produce MIDI loops, you will have hundreds of short 1-bar events that you want to export into individual MIDI files. Cubase or any other DAW does not have an option to automate such an export.

OK. If only MIDI events are involved, I have no actual solution for exporting them quickly in individual MIDI files, I admit… :neutral_face:

Wow, now that looks great. I will look into it tomorrow. Thank you so much :smiley: