Feature request: Batch export of regions

Hi I have searched here but cannot find the post I have been informed there is something like this already requested.

Recording a live gig/concert/rehearsal… its nice to set your levels, press record and leave it run, then afterwards get a rough mix up and set some regions around the songs or parts you wish to export, then export them in bulk and leave the computer/daw to do the work.

This is possible in Reaper, and I am slightly shocked to see it not included in cubase pro 8, the ability to batch export a set of regions to their own individual mixdowns.
As it stands now, I would have to site at the pc the entire time, while I chop/mix/export change locators, export… wait, export… wait… export… wait and so on and so on.
or I could user Reaper chop/mix/set regions & then export all in a batch and go and get lunch or dinner :wink:

Currently this lack of feature means I cannot use Cubase for long/live projects, and instead only use it for single songs or very short sessions.

please Please Please add this feature!