Feature Request: Batch Unlink Music Frames

Dear All,

I do a fair amount of work in booklets that accompany curriculum work in the school that I teach in. I will, for example, have an aural dictation page that has 36 music frames: a staff for a scale and then eight interval staves x 3.

Because of the layout, unlinking all of these frames is time consuming, especially for the interval staves as they are quite narrow and I have to widen each to reveal the music frame selectors.

Feature request: I would love to be able to select all music frames on a page and have a “Batch Unlink” command that unlinks all frames in one fell swoop and orders them according to the available hierarchy in the project.

I guess in addition to this, I would also love to be able to right click a selected frame and have the music frame selectors be visible in the menu so that I could then select the relevant flows without having to resize the frame.

Any takers?


Thanks for the feedback, which we’ll certainly consider.

Thanks Daniel!

I wonder if the ability to link text frames might also be considered?

Kind regards,

Of course we plan to link text frames in future, so that text can flow from one frame to another, but you shouldn’t expect this capability imminently.

Thank you Daniel :slight_smile: