[Feature Request] Be able to open projects without loading VSTs

Sometimes I will have to open multiple Dorico projects before finding whatever I’m looking for.
It would be great if there is an option so that the VSTs don’t have to load every time. I frequently have full-orchestra scores, with multiple instances of Halion. I know I can set the default template to “Silence,” but I wouldn’t want to save each project like that and lose my VST info either.
If there would be a checkbox in the Steinberg Hub to “suspend” or “prevent” VSTs loading before opening a project, with a button to “unsuspend” / load the VSTs when the project is open if desired, that would be great.

Just a thought.

This is the idea behind the as-yet unimplemented “power button” at the top right corner of the Dorico project. When that’s eventually implemented, the way it’ll work is that the first project you open will automatically be activated for playback, then others that you open will not become activated until you explicitly activate them, at which point the first project will become deactivated for playback, and so on. However, this is more complicated than it sounds and it’s not something you should expect imminently.