[ Feature Request ]-Beat Designer- Direct preview instrument

Hi SteinbergTeam,

Just wanted to request a simple feature which will make life easier and improve workflow with Beat Designer.

Request is very simple : add an option to allow direct preview instrument on sound selection (and not only when clicking on preview button)

I use mousewheel to choose track instrument but I had to click on preview button EACH time to listen instrument to find the right one which…is a workflow killer.
It’s sometime hard to find the right sound in a kit. I guess (and I hope) I’m not alone to encounter this workflow annoyance. Moreover and unfortunately mousewheel is not working with the instrument list, you have to click on top or bottom arrow to scroll up or down in the list.
It will be even perfect if this direct preview would work on “mouseover” in this expanded instrument list.

Will be so nice to see it implemented on a next update.
Hope to be listened somewhere… :wink:

Thank you for reading !

Best Regards,
Zouk !