Feature Request: Better Filter Top/Bottom Note functionality

As it is now, the various ways of filtering notes in LE is completely useless to me.

Let’s look at the following example:

Any way of trying to filter the lowest of highest pitch in the following polyphonic sequence is impossible. Since LE only works on “note start” (correct me if I’m wrong), if there’s an overlapping chord, it will not count that note as part of a chord. So even if (for some reason) writing strictly 5 note chords throughout the whole piece (which never happens in a jazz string arrangement like this one), it will never count the overlapping notes.

The way it should work (or at least that should be an option in LE) is

  1. For every note start happening in selection, it should check all notes – including current playing ones – and filter on that.
  2. For filtering top/bottom note, it shouldn’t care about how many notes there are in the chord, it should just filter the bottom note of any chord.

Now I have to manually click every bottom note in every sequence to extract them to a new track, which slows me down significantly.

Logic has this functionality. Why doesn’t Cubendo?