[Feature request] Better PDF export options

Hi –

PDF exporting right now is bizarrely bad. The page size from the attached printer (really?) determines the PDF output sizes. To export a 12"x18" score, I needed to uninstall my printer driver. It then exported at the document size.

Document settings should determine the default PDF export options, but should be easily changeable.

There should also be robust naming options for exported PDFs: the code system in Sibelius worked ok, but was a little cryptic. There should be a way to easily select and place various tokens in the filename, combined with plaintext. These naming strings should be saved with the file. String history should be easily-selectable for new files.

I’d also like a numbering option to keep the files in score order. There should be an automatic and a manual numbering option.



Dorico 2.2 introduces layout numbers which are automatically included in the filenames generated by exporting graphics files, including PDF.

PDF always uses the document’s defined page size (per Layout Options) rather than the current printer’s page size. Are you definitely using the graphics export options on the right-hand side of Print mode rather than the system print dialog accessed from the bottom left corner?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I was using the graphics export tab. I may have been in a bit of a mood when I wrote the foregoing. I didn’t test the pdf export when my printer was connected because the page size section of the exporter was frayed out and stuck on “4x6”. Perhaps confirming the current exported pdf size would solve my confusion.

Right, so in fact the PDF is exported to the correct size, but you were confused (understandably so) by the fact that the page size control appears but is disabled and shows the last chosen page size for actual printing.

Matthew, this has come up tens of times before, both here and on the Facebook group. The long and short of it is that while the current implementation isn’t terribly intuitive, it leaves much of the heavy lifting to Qt framework - the Dorico team have saved themselves time by not developing a module that Qt can provide for them (mostly) off the shelf. There’s not a lot they can do about it without starting again from scratch, which would take them away from developing features that don’t exist at all.

To solve your confusion, please search this forum for “export paper size” (without the quotes, preferably using the custom Google search that you’ll know about if you’ve read the pinned “FAQ: new users start here” thread) and have a good read. There’s nothing that Print/Export mode can’t do; it just needs a bit of figuring out. I entirely agree with you that it’s unintuitive.

Oh, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

edit: knew I recognised your name from somewhere - are you still using a Logitech G13? I use one in conjunction with Dorico and Keyboard Maestro / AHK - works very nicely for, well, just about everything…

I appreciate all your comments. I did, in fact, search the forums (thoroughly, I thought) before posting. And yes, I do still use the G13. It’s a great tool!