[Feature Request] Better than just "trash the prefs"?

A dedicated preference tool or dialog, nice, huh?

I:\Users[YOU]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase X
A folder with essentially a bunch of XML files.
Why not make a “dialog” out of all of it, kinda like the VST Plugins Information.
A dialog that could be opened from within Cubase.
Then dispaly lists of stuff and a HELP button like in the preferences.
The HELP in the prefs is GREAT, BTW!
Maybe it’s possible to add some hints for potentially corrupted files?
Add check boxes and commands buttons like “discard”, “purge”, “rebuild” etc.
Then you fill in the check boxes AS YOU NEED THEM.
You don’t need to throw away the Key Command files if your MediaBay gets corrupted, right?
Then we could point people to a proper tool, and it could even be part of the official manual.

More professional than just “trash the prefs”? :slight_smile:



… and I have a good reason to support this : And the culprit was... - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

yeah, good idea! :bulb:
Anybody that has a topic started and happen to read this could link to their topic, if the official/inofficial respons was “trash the preffs!”. It’s such “chop your head of against headache” respons so something ought to be done about it?

Great idea.
Whenever I read of Cubase problem, and see Steinberg respond with “trash the preferences files”, I feel something is not as it is supposed to be. If this “trashing prefs” is such important function/step for Cubase to even work properly, then it should be available from “Mainteance Menu”. Or there should be a separate application, like “Cubase Cleaner”, which would cover entire Cubase Maintenance. In any case, besides trashing preffs, there should be ability to backup and recover preferences, and to selectively trash, possibly preset based, so one can troubleshoot different configurations effectively.

Copy and paste this into Google:

site:Steinberg Forums “trash the prefs”

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Sorta kinda indicates this problem is not unheard of, doesn’t it? :confused:

All comming from the same user: Centralmusic. :laughing:
The last line form all his replys.

:smiley: :confused: :blush: :laughing:

Centralmusic, you deserve some spanking for that signature! :imp:

I’m in the position, again, that I can’t load saved presets from plugins anymore. They just don’t show up in the listbox. I know I can trash the prefs to solve this (worked before). But, I don’t want to lose all my earlier settings and savings… ofcourse.

I understand things can go wrong, but since this is such a “goto” solution I have to agree with TS, it should have its own trash utility.

Good idea. I like the “cleaner app” concept, I don’t think you could actually trash preferences if CB was actually running.


… probably not, but it would be nice if subsets of Prefs could be exported/imported … it’s no joke having to reconfigure 72 audio channels from scratch!

Luckily I haven’t had to do this too often, but here’s a link to my recent experiences in this area:

I see where this is coming from and it is certainly curious advice. I’m just amazed that it seems to fix so much.
I’m off to trawl the net to see if any other app in the universe uses this as a goto get-out. And why.

Sorry, folks. Seems I’m not allowed to ask why in this here forum. :mrgreen:

Ah! Ten seconds to go round the whole universe and I discover ProTools has this very same procedure.

ps: Rushed away to an appointment. I did notice that Pro-Tools had this a couple of years ago. Don’t know if they’ve still got it or fixed it.


I’ve never figured out why if one of the preferences is corrupted, a “Verify Preference Integrity” dialog couldn’t be implemented that could trawl through them and see which one it is.

“Trash your Preferences”, as is often suggested as the 1st response to problems, seems rather drastic.

I do understand the frustrations of this but I never just ‘trash preferences’. I make a copy of my present preferences, put them on the desktop, THEN trash preferences. I’ve put days into building templates-I’m not losing them without the fight of the century.

Prob is it takes forever to manually “preference-by-preference” figure which the corrupt preference is. Sure would be nice to have some kind of automated debugging to do that trawling.

Yeah, I also have a “last working version” but still …
When you realize you probably need to take a dive in that cesspool AGAIN it’s not hard to avoid smiling :unamused:
What triggered my urge to create this topic was the aftermath of my other topic about the “unresizable toolbox”.
After that I had to go into Windows Explorer and poke around with Key Command files, Default files yada yada yada.
A reboot did! :open_mouth:
Still I had to clean up the mess …

On a positive note I finally figured one thing out:
Cubase fetches all the preference files under “Documents & Settings” from the program folder.
So e.g. I replaced the folder with the Logical Editor presets with my own set in the program folder.
Then I deleted the preferences folder and Cubase rebuilt it on exit, but now with my presets instead! :sunglasses:
It’s the same thing with most other files as well.

HTH anyone else :slight_smile:

Surely it would be better if Cubase didn’t keep corrupting its own prefs files in the first place!

And they should iron out all the bugs before the next release …