Feature request: brace style in vertical lines menu

It would be really useful to have a brace that can be input at arbitrary points in a score using the vertical lines menu: I’m thinking of situations like this…

Screenshot 2023-03-06 110017
… where the use of the organ swell across staves is indicated by the brace (the height of which is determined by the notes selected on input). I’m sure there would be plenty of other uses for it too.

More generally, having similar flexibility in designing vertical lines to what is provided for horizontal lines would be great, and being able to use the available line styles to connect items at an angle (similar to glissando lines) would be really useful and presumably wouldn’t be at odds with Dorico’s semantic approach.


Hi @Rob_KB, what about the bracket in arpeggios?

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Thanks for the suggestion Alberto_Maria, that’s certainly a reasonable alternative, but I’d prefer to engrave a brace as used in the original score . Of course it’s possible to work around this by using text, but it seems a clumsy way to do it. It wouldn’t surprise me if something like this isn’t in the works already tbh!


Have a look at this thread for another idea.

Thanks Mark_Johnson - I did search for topics with “brace” in them but failed to find this one, unfortunately! There’s often a text-based workaround for things like this, but I think there’s also an opportunity to extend an already-brilliant program function. :slightly_smiling_face:


Rob, I’m :100: with you on this one. Having both directions of the curly brace appear in the vertical lines menu would be great. That said, they would need to be scalable, and preferably the thin variants would also be on offer. (I seem to recall there being a ‘thin’ curly grace in the smufl spec years ago that quietly disappeared. I wish it would return.)