[Feature Request] Buy EMU from Creative Labs

Wouldn’t it be a shame to let Emu X go down in flames?

  • YES! Makes me madsad!
  • yeah, but I’m too lazy to type anything
    • i n d i f f e r e c e *
  • no, and I’m too lazy to type anything
  • NO! Let that pile of crap burn!

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Yeah! That’s what I call a feature request haha!

Creative has about killed Emu already!
Emu have the best computer based real sampler in history.
Z-plane filters, Twistaloop, Twistawave, Function Generators, Routing <> Modulation (Yep, X3 > HAL here!), Synthswipe and the list goes on …
They have in addition to the regular 328p manual a 152p tutorial collection for all levels.
I love it!!!
Now it looks like the ugly duckling turning into the dying swan!!! It just hurts my brain to see all that go down in flames :astonished: :cry:

It probably has something to do with X3 looks and acts in many ways like a windows 98 program.
It’s ugly, pure and simple!
Emu have no idea what internet presence is and they’re just dying!
I guess Creative has no clue that they’re killing the holy grail of samplers.
Even http://www.emu.com is redirected to http://www.creative.com/emu :astonished:

I’ve been checking the HALion 4 demo out for a few days and it’s great, even greater as an integrated sampler in the middle of Cubase. It’s beautiful! it’s bendable, customizable, workable. It has lots of features and sounds of course great. I think I have to buy that bastard haha!

Still … I have X3 on my XP boot and it won’t go anywhere soon. Rather the contrary! :sunglasses:

What if Yamaha/Steinberg bought Emu and merged into HALionator X or whatever, call it whatever.
Having all the golden tools in one sampler inside Cubase would make the competitors green!!!
I don’t know but maybe Creative is just waiting for somebody to buy this EMU thing the cat dragged in?
Maybe the price tag is just right now?
Maybe all those revitalized features will be more than worth it in a few years time in HALion 5 or 6? :sunglasses:

Or maybe that’s not the way it works at all in the real world? :confused: :blush:

Thanks for reading!

PS If any of the mods read this and like it maybe you can push it upwards in the organization … before it’s too late?


Dear Father (or Mother) Christmas,

It is very sad that the mighty EMU may be going down the proverbial pan: please can you listen to Mr Ulf and stop the evil Creative empire from consigning EMU to history and make the kind Steinbergians buy it.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,


Yeeaaaaah! That’s the spirit! Totally silly but totally silly ideas are part of what we have to put up with every day so why don’t we create the silly ideas ourselves??? At least it can’t hurt … :mrgreen:

Or can it? :confused:

That’s what they said when we asked for W7x64 drivers for the Midex … but then, after a mere 7 years of asking … :open_mouth:

+1 for Emulator-X features to be added to HALion 4 !!!

more like " one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" kind of a deal, isn’t it haha?

but they did it!!! :astonished:

BTW before Creative Labs bought EMU, Emu bought Ensoniq which was a highly creative little company with unusual solutions, partly because they operated in an era where no standards had been set, so they had to set them themselves. And so they did, with the Mirage protosampler, EPS16+, ASR10 (with Transwave™ loops! :sunglasses: ), ASR-X which was another thing altogether, a series of synths and last but not least PARIS hard disk recording system that in this day and age is nothing, but 10 years ago a lot of people thought highly of. I’ve just heard the rumors though.

Buy it, rip it apart, sniff it, contemplate it and use it to conquer the future …

And what do you know? :astonished:
Alive and kiking! :laughing:

  • X3 !

Seriously, it will sadly never happend, but knowing that E-Mu is buyed by Yamaha, Apple (hmm… no, not them… :mrgreen: ), or a similar company which is ready to truely support the existing culture and products from it would be the best new of the year, even better than if Steiny provided an unshrinking project window in Cubase, this says it all… :mrgreen:

I am adding my opinions to this and E-mu going down the drain is more or less an era coming to an end.

It is of course inevitable since all things comes to that, eventually… but since they already have the product and can (one would hope) easily update it and add some marketing.

I still have an Emulator 2, 3 and even an E-Synth (lent out though) plus a number of their modules. Still running just fine, but used less with the newer software stuff around.

Still, Creative which obviously have the last word, seem more interested in pursuing “Sound Blaster”… (Notice how their sound cards are now “X”-Fi.)

And I guess the reason why I sound a bit sarcastic towards “Creative” is because when I think of E-mu I think professional equipment, but the name Creative (to me) means “toys” (in comparison, I mean). I don’t care what kind of labels (THX, etc) they associate with it, because it would take a lot to change it from being a PC sound card company. Right or wrong, that’s how I think of them.

Revive E-mu in the Emulator X4 in VST3.5 format/functionality and ship all the X libraries with it! :wink: