Feature Request: "Catch" fader / dial

I have a couple of things like the first 8 mixer volumes or some FX sends mapped to dials and faders on my master keyboard.

When I need to do a minor volume of FX adjustment, there is often a very big jump if the dial/fader setting does not match the current mixer setting. Not nice when these adjustments need to be done in a live environment.

Would it be possible to “catch” the current value, so nothing happens before the input value from the control passes the current value in VST Live? Could be made configurable for anyone preferring the current behavior.


If this feature is considered, the icing on the cake would be if the mixer’s fader user interface would show the current “not yet caught” dial value (for example as a thin horizontal line) so that you have some indication when you are approaching the current value.

Hello Christian,
I think it is the same or similar feature request that I posted in September: Jump and Catch modes for faders
Nice to hear that you also need this feature.
@ Steinberg: I hope it comes with one of the next version.
Kind regards, Heiko

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Yes, indeed - missed your post when searching for discussions regarding that topic before my request.

… thank you for your request. Yes, indeed, that’s a very useful feature and we already discussed it in the team. It will be added, but I cannot say when it will happen. We’ll do our best.


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