Feature request CD Wizard page

Would it be possible to have Wavelab remember my defualt settings for the CD Wizard? Everytime I sequecne an album I almost always use the same settings on the CD Wizard for adding the track markers and it’s not really close to the current default WL puts up. Usually, I’ve already adjusted the pauses and gaps between songs when I go to add markers so I don’t need the default option to be set to add more gaps etc.

Also, how is it looking for Wavelab update to be able to pad the rendered file names with the corrosponding CD track number and also embed mp3 and WAV metadata from the CD-Text info?

The CD marker naming features aren’t quite there yet and I really would not need to rename the markers at all if WL would be able to just pad the front of the rendred file name with 01, 02, 03 in front of the song title automatically when rendering to WAV or mp3 files using regions/tracks.


Yes, this will happen.

Nice :astonished:

Thanks PG, do you think we’ll see an update this year?

The thing where Wavelab shows you the rendered WAV for every file it completes is driving me nuts, especially on days when I am rendered files all day. I’m aware of the work around but it doesn’t usually apply in my workflow.

Also, has anybody brought up the issue of scrolling though the tracks on the CD-Text editor box? The horizontal slider is OK for going fast from one end to another, but I usually find that trying to move from one track edit page to the next, it’s very touchy and often skips way ahead or behind and not easy to just go one track at a time. Perhaps a “next” and “previous” button would be good in the CD-Text edit box?

Thanks again for considering all this.

The visibility of rendered files will be optional in next version.

For the scrolling, you can simply click on the arrows of the scroll bar. Or even more simply, use the shortcuts Page Down/Up keys.

Ah ha, the scroll bar arrows don’t seem to appear on my version (I’ll attach a screen shot). The page up/down keys work great though, thanks for the tip.

If you’re able offer any hint if we’ll see a WL update this year that would be much appreciated.

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 11.43.23 AM.png

Right, weird about the missing arrows.

The update is not going to be available before the end of this year, but we’re getting closer.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the arrows in the CD-Text box but I’m really enjoying the page up/down options.

Thnaks for the info about the release date, I really look forward to the update.