Feature Request (?) Change default artificial harmonic

Not sure if there already is a way to do this (I am sure I will be told here shortly :slight_smile: but I would very much like to change the default artificial harmonic to a 4th. When you toggle on harmonic “type” it goes to artificial and at an octave (the highlighted one below). This seems a bit silly as this (artificial harmonic) is almost never used in string writing? We’re almost always after the 4th…(so I would love if the default was the one on the right).

Along these lines - is there a way to setup a shortcut key command for this? I tried searching through key commands, but I can’t even find a key command for harmonic (which must be wrong?) I’m in Dorico → Preferences → Key Commands.

Screenshot 2021-12-24 at 10.44.28

Thanks so much!


I agree entirely and have also requested this (as have probably others).

You’re not wrong, I’m afraid: at the moment the only way to create these kinds of harmonics is via the Properties panel. We’ve been meaning to add it to the Shift+P popover, but it’s not bubbled up to the top of the priority list as yet.


I would also love to have a key command for string harmonics. Or at least set the preference for the harmonic.