feature request: change instruments later

One of the very few issues I have with Dorico is that instrument changes occur in the score as soon as the last note of the previously used instrument is played.
I am writing a chamber opera with very few players, in which the percussionist changes frequently from vibraphone to marimba and to unpitched percussion instruments. The moment the vibraphone line is over, for example, Dorico switches to the next instrument, even within a system, creating an “unclean” visual of change between one stave and two/multiple staves in the same system, making me choose between either creating system breaks or creating “fake” notes in the previously used instrument and hiding them (not ideal as later the won’t appear as multi-measured rests in the player’s part).

It would be extremely useful to have the ability to control when does the change occur in the score, allowing it to be at the earliest point (as it is now)/last possible measure/or user specified location. Thank you!

We do intend to make it possible to choose whether the instrument change should appear immediately after the last note in the original instrument or immediately before the first note of the next instrument in due course. Providing precise control over the position of the transition is a bit more complicated, but I’m certain that could be done as well at some point in the future.

That would be wonderful, Daniel, looking forward to that! (actually, precise control is not that important to me, but I would love to be able to switch the changes to “immediately before the first note of the next instrument”)

+1, this has been very high on my wish list for a while too. I would also like to have the options for the change to occur right at the bar and/or beat where the instrument has the entrance, in addition to the option of “immediately before the first note.” Key/Clef/Staff changes in the middle of a bar can sometimes be messy and unclear, especially with any sort of syncopation, so I generally prefer the change right at the bar of entrance rather than “immediately before the first note.” Splitting a beat to make the change literally at the first note can definitely be unclear.

Bar of entrance:


Immediately before first note:

+1 for this!