[Feature Request] Change playback direction on the fly

Does someone know if it’s possible to let the playback of a sample continue in the direction of choice (playback mode) without having to fire the sample again to apply the playback mode (direction).
Like the sample “Scrub Tool” works and sounds, but with continuous playback and most importand, the possibility to connect it to a modifier?


This is a problem I have with Halion 4, that one cannot actually reverse the sample itself, but instead, only change the playback direction (forward or reverse, not even ping pong). As far as I have been able to find, I have had to automate the playback direction when wanted, or create a new layer with a copy of the sample in question and set that to play in reverse while the original layer plays forward. You can then simply draw in the corresponding note whether you want it to play forward or reverse.

I really wish you could actually reverse the sample itself and even have ping pong style playback where it plays forward, then reverse, forward, reverse etc.

Thanks Cantankerous for taking the time to reply.
Ping pong is a miss for sure.
An even bigger miss is not being able to loop samples that are in reversed playback mode . :astonished:

Your workaround is indeed a good option for the regular forward-reverse playback. You could even work with a layerd zone and use a modifier as crossfader between the forward and backward signal for interesting effects.

This isn’t what I want though.
I want to be able to reverse the playback of a sample at any given moment, controlled by a modifier (preferably at any given speed). The “Scrub Tool” is just that, and sounds fantastic. :sunglasses:
The only thing missing is being able to control it with a modifier.

I hear ya and yes, it really bothers me not being able to loop if playback is in reverse as well, I forgot to mention that in the previous post as it is definitely a downfall I feel.