[FEATURE REQUEST] Clear Recent List Button

Would you like a ‘Clear Recent List’ button in a future Cubase update?

  • Yes
  • Yes, definitely! I’ve been waiting for this feature!
  • Yes, but I would like to choose which entries to remove
  • No, I like my Recent List the way it is
  • No, don’t mess with the Recent List!
  • I really don’t care
  • No opinion…

0 voters

I would really, really like to see a ‘Clear Recent List’ button in a future update of Cubase (6) The Recent List gets so cluttered that it would be nice to clear it out once in a while.
Please vote in the poll if you would like to see this button as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you make an option that just says “yes”. I have not been “waiting” for this feature but I do agree it should be an option as with most other software that has a recent items list.


Done :wink: