FEATURE REQUEST: Clip FX send level in WL8.5 64 bit & 32 bit

I can’t adjust the send level envelope for reverb & delay clip effects in WL8.5 64 bit, but I can do in for FX in WL8.5 32 bit… ticking the “send” button is not possible in 64 bit in the FX window. The new reverb plug-ins can’t use the send feature in either 32 or 64 bit versions. Will this be possible in future updates? I use it every day in WL6 and it’s very important to my work and we’d like to move to 64 bit at some point if this gets sorted.



Just looking at WL8.5 32 bit… appears that VST3 plug-ins can’t have their FX send levels automated, but other plug-ins can.

Can I add this as a feature request then: Please allow the send level envelope to be made functional for all plug-ins in 32 & 64 bit versions

Yes!! this is something I was also doing routinely in WL6 and I’m amazed it’s disappeared. Seems like a very basic function - can we have it back?

compared to wavelab 6, there is no change: this works for vst2 plugins.
But it is true there is a gap to fill for vst 3 plugins.

Thanks PG, it’d be great to get that sorted out so we can use the nice new reverb & delay effects- at the moment we have to use the old legacy effects in the 32 bit version to do this function.