Feature Request Cloud Based User Preset Accross The Board

I have been trying to persuade Media Bay to allow me to access a cloud drive, and it is possible, but not as a default “save to” location when saving a track preset. It’s not really ready for this.
I want this though, so that I can point my other workstations to the same cloud location, in the knowledge that these things (just for starters) are synced across workstations:
1 Key Commands
2 Track Presets including Instrument Presets
3 Project Templates
4 Frame rate defaults, and other defaults that affect fundamentals
5 Color settings and all the names of colours (I use Logic Presets to manipulate colours for stemming clarity and the names matter)
6 Logical Presets and Logical Project Presets
7 Output names as far as they can be mapped to the specific hardware of the workstation

But NOT obviously"
1 Hardware defaults
2 Window sizes
etc etc you get the idea

Anyone else fancy this? Maybe Steinberg could drag us into the 21st century with cloud based settings.
(BTW, the cloud drive I was attempting to use is Apples iCloud - a very transparent system whereby desktop folders are in fact mirrored to iCloud. I replaced the VST Presets folder in Application Support with an alias to one of these Apple iCloud folders. This works to a degree but doesn’t allow saving - it is as if Nuendo "knows " its a cloud folder or and alias to another folder. )


Something needs to happen here, particularly for some default settings, such as i/o and audio hardware, that can be maintained even after a required trashing of preferences.

I like the idea of this so that if we use different computers with the new licensing system that our key commands, preferences and templates (and all you mention ) etc are the same on all machines. The trudge of maintaining software and settings between machines is def a time killer.


These are system specific, so a cloud sync would not help…

No, a cloud sync would not help here but there needs to be a way to manually program this information, i.e., without having to keep and maintain .xml files.