Feature Request: Combine/Smart Tool: Disable Range Selection per Track Type (Example, Marker Tracks)

Overall, I’m liking the Combine/Smart Tool but - I really don’t need it for certain track types, specifically for me - Marker Tracks. I never use Range on Marker Tracks. It’s a bit annoying when you go to select a marker on a marker track and it does a range selection.

In Preferences, the option to be able to decide if certain track types will ignore Range Selection on the combine tool may be a nice option.

Agree - am loving the new tool as well; I don’t turn it off…! And yes, this is a nice idea/suggestion.

Also, you mean selecting a Marker on the Marker Track, not selecting the Marker Track itself, is a problem…?

Sorry if this sounds picky, but maybe its just ‘cubase-11’ and ‘feature-request’ tags that apply, since nothing that they change here (if they ever do) will ever be back-ported into older edtions (IMHO - e.g. combined smart tool didn’t exist before C10.5)

yeah that older tag was an accident.

In regards to markers, sometimes I go to drag-select multiple markers and then it range selects, and or, just go to select a single and it makes a micro-range selection.

In regards to other tracks, I bet you a lot of people don’t use Range on MIDI tracks either.


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