Feature Request: commands to increase/decrease dynamics


I would like to have two keyboard commands to increase and decrease the dynamic marks of a selected section. I mean if “p” is part of the selection it should increase to “mp” or decrease to “pp”.

It will be very handy, at least for m :wink:

Thank you,

Nice request. This has already been asked before, and was not rejected by Daniel, IIRC. I suppose it’s still on their list :wink:
[edit] A simple Google search led me to https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=132681

Thank you. I had searched in the forum itself, but probably my search query was not good enough.

In another thread I had suggested Alt-up/down, which seems intuitive to me.

The problem is that ALT-UP/DOWN are already used (in write mode to raise/lower the note pitch).
I would be better something not already used. On macOS it could be CTRL-UP/DOWN that is not used, but I don’t know on Windows what is available.

Well, not if the note isn’t selected.

My suggestion was to select the dynamic, and Alt-up/down to change it.

I think Claudio’s point is that right now, if you select a passage like so and hit Alt+Up, this happens:

This is a terrible example, because it only contains one dynamic, but bear with me: it would be a real nuisance if you had to filter notes in order to only shift the notes, and it would be fairly irritating if you had to filter dynamics in order to only scale up the dynamics, if there’s a shortcut that’s not currently serving a purpose.

Ah, I see what you mean…

still it would be really useful. especially on multiple selected dynamics.

This has already been implemented. See Edit > Dynamics > Increase/Decrease Dynamic Intensity.