Feature request: Common Divisi tasks via popover or jump bar commands?

Please let me know if this feature already exists (I searched around and read the lovely new manual on Divisi but saw nothing on this specifically).

What I was thinking is it would be great from any selected staff to invoke either a popover or jump bar and be able to type in a syntax for the most basic divisi tasks, without the need of the full divisi window. Most simply and most commonly to divide a unison staff into 2 or 3, or to restore a divisi staff to unison.

Somewhat similar to how there is a full and more complex tranposition window, but also for basic transpose tasks you can also invoke shift+I and type stuff like +5 (add a 5th) or t+5 (transpose by a 5th).

So what I imagine would be a simplified syntax such as invoking a popover (shift+B? not sure which would be the most logical); or the jump bar; and typing shorthand like div2 or div3 or uni.

One “shortcut” I have found – I have a key command for the Divisi command, but not for Restore Unison.

However, if I use the Divisi command again, I get the dialog with Unison set up by default, and I just need to press OK.

I use the jump bar to bring up the divisi dialogue, and then hit enter to restore unison.

I agree it would be nice to select other options automatically.