[feature request] Community hub for sharing

Hi there,
I’ve been a long time Cubase user who started from VST32 and stopped at C5 at some point in time.
Having stopped making music for personal reasons I had begun writing/recording again.

After using Reaper for like 10 years and recently S1 5 Artist, I still wanted Cubase back, mainly for all the MIDI related stuff.
I haven’t found better MIDI work environment since all these years using DAWs on PC (Mac might differ).

However, what I really miss, is a platform for users to exchange their files like presets of all sorts, Expression Maps, Drum Maps, Device Panels, what have you …

Just have a look at the contenders: Reaper with a huge data base for all sorts of things, Studio as well (to a lesser content however), NI for all things them concerning etc.

It could be integrated into the Steinberg Hub i.e.
But it would be really nice to have a sharing server for all Steinberg users …